Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 10

DAY 10


Day 10 was great. I weighed in and I am down to 208 so i have lost 12 lbs and i am at a 39-39.5 in waist. i had a great day. i am feeling great and can't wait to continue with the program. I am going to alter it alittle. i will be having a sandwich or salad at lunch. The next 5 days i hope to be under 200lbs.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 6

Day 6

Today I feel great. No dizzyness or nausia like i have felt before.  It is still hard not to eat but my rawness helps alot. I found a Fruit tray at the commissary and bought it since it had grapes, melons, pineapple and watermelon in it. We turned it into my lunch for the next 5 days and it was my breakfast this morning since there was leftovers. my hunger is still there but way more managable than before. the altered plan is working alot better for me and I dont have to worry about my lunch drink.



Here we go. I made it half way through and weighed myself this morning. Yes I know technically it is day for since I started Sat Morning but I don't care my challenge my rules  =)  Anyway I weighed myself and I have lost 8.5 lbs since I started. My wife says she can tell but I can't. I will check the pics when I post them. For breakfast I have a fruit drink of strawberries, mango, rasberries and lemon or lime can't remember. It was good though. Be careful that you are not allergic to mango it burned my wife's thought pretty bad. she is better now. for lunch I had fresh cut up melon and straberries with blue berries and black berries mix in. It was very good. I didn't have anything for dinner since we had VBS and got home very late. o well. my stomach wasn't growling so all is good. It is getting harder and harder to not eat real food but i know it is all worth it in the end. my Goal is 180 and i have a long way to go. i will make it though.  here are my pics from this morning.

Day 4

Day 4
Almost half way. I woke up feeling great even though I didn't get a lot of sleep. My 3 month old kept me awake. I don't remember what drinks I had because all my body was telling me all day is that you need to eat. So I altered my Challenge and now I am doing a juice in the morning, raw fruits and veggies for lunch and juice for dinner. I have to adapt for my job it just doesn't allow me to keep what I need to finish out just juice and like I said earlier my body said eat something.  I was almost to stomach craps till I ate a banana. then all was right with the world. Crazy enough i went to bed at 1030. which is early for me.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Day 3 is starting great. have energy and feel great. worked out for an hour which drained all my energy. but im holding strong. 2nd night getting back late so no dinner. owell VBS is great.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 2

Well the start of day 2 of my 10 day challenge.  Starting to feel like crap but its not all not eating's fault. my 3 month old decided to keep waking me up last night. I feel like I need to finish where i left off on from day 1. Not much to tell but my drink I had for dinner was Carrot, Spinach, Cabbage, Ginger Root and apple. Earlier in the day I had gathered some apples and pears off the trees in our yard. We made the kids an apple pear drink but they all said it was too sour.  Since I’m not the the business of wasting things I poured it into my drink. It tasted great.  I think the Ginger is making everything too strong, so i will just have to find other recipes.  Well back to today, I had a Strawberry, Nectarine, Miribelle plum and Spinach drink for breakfast.  Too bad I drank it too fast now I am stuck with water since I don't want to make any more. Stomach is rumbling and I was feeling light headed earlier but this is nothing I haven't experienced before.
   Back story:  I need to explain my last picture of my Day 1 post. I have been diagnosed with Exima or really dry skin. I also have been told it might be Lupus, which is an autoimmune disorder which runs in my family. I have been tested for that but test came back negative but Lupus is kind of a sporadic type of disorder since I could test positive tomorrow or next year.  I have struggled with weight all my life but nothing like after I got married. I got married in 2001 to my wonderful soul mate. One year later we had our first kid. I put on some sympathy weight but the problem is I didn't lose any of it till i was in Korea. There I lost it but a very unhealthy way by basically starving myself. I don't remember my starting weight but I know it was around 215, when I left Korea i was 180 and looked like a skeleton. So I gained all that back and then some. After Korea I was in Italy. I missed the birth of my second kid when I was in Korea but I was there for my third kid in Italy. When I Italy I kept my spare tire down to 36in, but because of all the stress and long hours, by the time I left I was at a 38. Now I am in Germany and it hasn't gotten any better. I was deployed in 09-10 and lost my 31lbs. That was awesome but my racquetball partner had started a weight routine so I didn't have anyone to keep up with my deployed routine. Then it happened the world started getting stupid and my work started getting longer. People don't realize that crap that happens in the states effected the military overseas.
I got to a record 41.5 in waist, which is how I failed my first PT test.   I had another PT test 90 days later but failed it with a 40 in waist. Great I was losing weight but I have another test in Sep and haven’t lost anything but I am working out and eating "better" than I was after I failed the first time.
I know there are gaps that that is a brief rundown of the past 10 years of my struggle. I have had 2 more kids since being in Germany.  So in the past 10 years I lived in 4 different countries, had 5 kids, moved too many times to count and have been away from my family a total of 17 months.  How could I keep the weight off? I am not even counting the numerous 12 hour shifts, weekends, and extra stupid stuff I have had to do. Snack bars where my friend and constant food source.
    Now back to today. I feel like crap and my head is starting to hurt. I need sleep and food. I know that I can do this. More importantly I can do this with a family and still having to go to work. I would love to be able to get away like Phil did to do the challenge but I can't. I need to know that this isn't impossible and I can do this while life is still going on. I feel that both Joe and Phil in the move got to do it the easy way by stepping out of life for a while.  It seems like they got to step out of life and when they were ready they got to include life into them and not them be included into life. What they did and continue to do is AWESOME that is why I am doing the challenge. It is the struggles in life that make us who we are. 

So a Cucumber,Celery, Spinach, Apple, Meiribelle Plum, and Red Orange or Grapefruit is an interesting combo but the flavors keep hitting you after drinking it, it's crazy. Since it's only noon I will add more later.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 1

Day 1

The Challenge:  10 days of drinking nothing but juiced fruits and vegetables and water.   
starting weight- 220.5
waist is probably still at 40 in.
     Today is the official start of my 10 day journey. After watching Sick, Fat, and almost Dead I realized that I needed to change what I am doing to myself. It is hard to be in the military and keep weight off. Depression and stress are the main factors in not being able to lose weight. Depressed because I am tired of my job and stressed because you have way too many people sitting behind desk who dictate how you will do your job. That being said I NEED a change. I want to spend my time with my family, not losing weight. I Have been exercising regularly but I am not having the results I want. Joe asks random people how old do they think they will live to, but the sad thing is that only 1 person said anything past 70 well i want to live till I am 90.
Day 1 is where I am at and am more excited about this that majority of things in my life. Defiantly in the top 10, 1-7 being taken up with meeting/ marring  my beautiful soul mate and then my 5 kiddos, ( birth till now). Joining the military is number 10. I don't really have a lot of "Journey's" in my life so this is huge for me.

DAY 1!! Let the Cleansing Begin.
  The Juice/Veggies that are going to make me healthy.  Breakfast is a nice mixture call the Mean Green. It consist of  Spinach, yes I said Spinach, Cabbage (normally it is Kale but it isn't in season),Ginger Root, Celery, Green Apples,  and Cucumber. It only took me 2.5 hrs to finish 20 oz of that. If you choose to drink this only use 3-4 celery sticks since it will dominate all the other flavors. For lunch I have enjoyed a wonderful fruit mixture of Raspberries, Blackberries, Kiwi, Blueberries, Red Grapes  and a nice fruit called Mirabelle which is a type of plum.  I had extra of the fruit so it is going to be a snack too. I drink water the rest of the time. I have a 1000 ml Camelbak cup for my water, which I like to call an adult sippy cup.  For dinner I plan on having a mixture of fruit and veggies which will be very interesting.
   Why!! is the big question I know will be getting throughout this journey. The answer is I NEED to because if I don't change myself now I will probably not change at all. I lost 31lbs in 4 months when I was deployed Sep 09- Feb 10 and by Dec 10 I had already gained about 18 of it back. Currently I have put 26 of the 31 back on and it needs to stop. This is a very simple thing to do that will change my life forever. When I reach day 10 I will know that I have the strength and determination I need to change my life. The hunger pains are nothing since I have had to work numerous 12 hr days with little to no food or breaks. It still sucks but nothing I can't handle. Where I know I will succeed is knowing that I have support. My kids don't fully understand but all they need to know is that daddy is trying to be more healthy. They support me with remembering that I don't eat my food but drink it. At the market today they only asked me once to try the free fruit that they were given and after a brief remember that I don't eat they didn't ask again. I also have a wonderful wife who is starting a portion of the journey. I commend her for not doing what I am doing till she knows that her milk will not dry up. The baby comes first even if that means waiting a little for a definite answer and trying to change your life.  With this great support I know I will make it and maybe even more.